lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

Il dibattito nel Partito del Socialismo Europeo

Nuovi interventi nella Good Society Debate

Can The State Still Be Saved?
"The state is crucial for the promotion of social justice,
and must be defended from its many detractors.…"
by Karin Roth

The Future of Social Democracy: A Spanish Vision
"To solve our current problems realist and practical policies are required,
but they must also always retain a social-democratic ethos.…"
by Jesus Caldera Sanchez Capitan

Fair taxes are part of the Good Society
"Fiscal deficits can be managed and are less dangerous than cuts.…" by Will Straw

The Next Left: Lessons from the Past, Challenges for the Future
"New thinking is needed to enable social democrats
to overcome their divisions and begin to work together.…"
by Ernst Stetter

Overcoming the Economic Recession with Green Policies:
An Opportunity we cannot afford to miss!
"There is no need to choose between environmental protection,
economic development and social justice.…"
by Margot Wallstrom

A new public-private Mix for Market Economies
"The finance sector should not be shielded by tax-payers
from Schumpeterian creative destruction.…"
by Tapio Bergholm and Jaakko Kiander

The Social Democracy of Fear
"We need to be bolder in attacking the ideology of the right.…" by Stephanie Blankenburg

For a European Left open to the World
"It is time for the EU to move away from its
inegalitarian policies towards the countries of the South.…"
by Lorenzo Marsili

Politics before Economy and Ideology before Reality?
"Grand visions can run the of risk of overlooking important facts on the ground.…" by Cristian Ghinea

Poverty and Social Exclusion: A Question of Democracy
"We must make the most of the opportunities that are presented
by the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.…"
by Niccolo Milanese

Facing Up To Our Mistakes
"Social democrats must be promoters of progressive change, not technocrats.…"
by Niels Annen